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Haüer is a Dublin-based one man set-up cursed with a weakness for nostalgic 80’s music production and synth-based cinematic film scores. His debut EP ‘The Infinitesimal’ was released in 2013 by American label ‘Future City Records’ and desribed by Goldenplec as the “the perfect soundtrack to a sci-fi daydream”.
His single release ‘Helicop’ was also included in The Guardian’s monthly ‘Six must-listen new tracks from around the world’.

Since then Haüer has played some high profile gigs supporting the likes of Com Truise, Trust and Adeyhawke and played festivals such as Castlepalooza and Hard Working Class Heroes.

His second EP ‘Esperbyte’ was given an exclusive release on Nialler9 in 2014 and in the words of Barry Gruff, ‘not only unequivocally excels in inducing a severe case of nostalgia but it feels rather forward thinking and futuristic too. All in all, a masterfully pieced together release from start to finish’.