The Art of Music 3

Donal released a new Art of Music film, and presentED a live version of the proccess as part of Phase One Festival in Leitrim.

The Art of Music at Phase One featured painting by Guillermo Carrion, photography, super 8 film and video from Donal Dineen, Hector Castells & Myles O Reilly mixed live by Lionel Palun to performances from WIFE, Sunken Foal and New Jackson. All the material used was filmed on-site and everything projected over the course of the weekend was exhibited at The Dock in Carrick-On-Shannon the week after the event.

Donal says:

“The Art of Music was born out of discussions about how deep the influence of music runs through all other art forms including painting. If truth be told it’s everywhere and in all things right? I think so. Trace most works of art backwords and there’s music in there somewhere and very often it’s at the root of the inspiration if not the icing on the cake perhaps or maybe even the golden thread that holds it all together. It certainly tends to be around a lot at the genesis of ideas where the fires first get started. Sometimes it’s the spark itself. Once lit it can fan the flames too in the most mysterious and magical of ways. What would we do without it? And where would we be? Imagine there’s no Imagine, sort of thing. Brrrrrrrr.

So I like to take pictures myself and more often than not the impetus to pick up the camera will come from hearing a piece of music or a song so inspirational you just have to go do something about it. It sort of leaves you with no choice in that regard by virtue of being too darn good. Of course that doesn’t happen every day and sometimes it doesn’t go anywhere in particular but it’s always a lead worth following when the opportunity knocks. Music has the power to move stuff around you know. There’s nothing quite like it to budge all sorts of immovable objects, man and mountain included.  It sets thoughts and feelings in motion like no other stimulus that we as humans can conjure. It’s the enemy of stasis and still life. It sets things in motion and generates energy, heat and light.  Sun Ra said it even has the power to wash clothes and have you seen his threads? Serious, dazzling. A kind of bluer black & white is the shade I believe.

My own approach to image gathering is fairly haphazard and ad hoc up until that point at which a sound grabs hold so tightly there’s no letting go or getting away from it.

Stuff starts to happen when those triggers go off. It’s a spur into action and a new road unfurls out of nowhere. The first step involves taking the camera & going somewhere, anywhere, with the sound as your guide. Down through the years this process has led me on all sorts of fantastic adventures with ultimate destinations both beautiful and blind. But never you mind the cul-de-sacs and dead ends because when it works, it’s like a dream you can record and revisit ad infinitum.

Just like Joanna said, ‘there are mornings when the sky looks like a road’ and that’s when you have to just put the boot down and drive. One minute you’re stuck somewhere and the next you’re liberated by the sound and back in gear and away again. I would consider it the ultimate freedom that feeling of conjuring some sort of picture show to go with the music playing over & over in your head that’s spinning you round & round and right out into the bargain. Like a record, baby. Surrendering to that pull is what the creative act is all about for me. Somehow it feels different moving through the world when you’re tracing that line and following whatever feeling it evokes. At that point when the road unfurls and there’s a flow to go with it’s best let go of the wheel. The journey becomes its own reward from then on so letting go is part of the fun. The music seems to free up time and space to create openings through which breakthroughs occur in various yet-to-be-made-up ways and listening to it and falling in love with it and wanting to take it somewhere is the opposite of going nowhere. So here goes…

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