DJ Ash hails from the northwest of Ireland and is quickly becoming a well-known name in the music world.  Her love of music started early on her life with piano, guitar and later on the drums, which all gave her an in-depth knowledge of music but these were simply a gateway to what she does best, playing vinyl. In this mostly male dominated industry, Ash Young has proven that every industry has exceptions and she is most definitely one. Her elicit style and the ease in which she controls her vinyl and mixes tunes is evident to the crowd who can never get enough of her upbeat funky style. The best DJs know that Djing is about being able to read the crowd and this is exactly what she does, knowing what tunes to play is vital and her funky house style always captures the crowds. Influences such as Deep Dish, Chemical Brothers, Sasha&Digweed have moulded her style and new influences such as Neelix, Symphonix and infected mushroom have perfected it. With almost 10 years experience under her belt she has played top venues around the country as well as having an intricate involvement in the underground scene. With recording in the pipeline for DJ Ash, it’s strongly advised to see her in action live to guarantee you’ll get up on your feet!


DJ Ash

Aisling Young


Ph: +353 (0) 872031287