“Boisterous, experimental and nonchalantly funky… could reach unstoppable floor-filler status. Impossible name, memorable tunes” Hot Press

Lamont/Bailey/Wall have been a going concern since summer 2010. Ian Lamont (guitar, keyboards, singing), James Bailey (bass guitar) and Patrick Wall (electronics, singing) play electronic influenced pop music. Think Bizarre Love Triangle meets Paul Simon solo, all crisp, sweet and neurotic.

Having bonded while studying Music and Media Technologies in Trinity College Dublin, Ian and Patrick decided to start a band on Culture Night 2010 after watching James Eatock cauterize a perfect circle of burnt rubber onto the floor of Temple Bar’s Monster Truck Gallery. Patrick’s long-time compadre James completed the line-up shortly afterwards; his disco-inspired bass grooves anchor the band’s sound.

Their self-titled debut Lamont/Bailey/Wall EP is a collection of four songs, some older, some newer, all shot through with devotion to classic, danceable pop music. L/B/W at all times tries to please two masters – the simple and the complex, the head and the hips, the subtle and the straightforward, the refined and the humanely flawed. From pop gems to weird disco bangers!

The EP is available as a free download from, and on delicious 12” colour vinyl from Elastic Witch and The R.A.G.E. in Dublin, and Plugd Records in Cork.
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